Jagger at the beach April 2014 04

Moonstar’s Pretty Fly for a White Guy (Jagger)

My Jagger dog. He’s grown up quite a bit from the little green boy of past photos! This was a birthday weekend of sorts, since he turned 2 on April 15th. Hard to believe! So excited to see how he does in the show ring.

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Poseidon at the beach-2014-10

Howling Winds Sir Douglas Fir (Poseidon)

Poseidon is my boy. I love this dog, seriously. If I wasn’t dedicated to my Samoyeds I would totally steal him from Donna. And she knows it. I could post so many more photos, but these are the best.

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Howling Winds Disturbing The Peace (Khalessi)

Khalessi’s registered name is certainly appropriate! She is a young Siberian Husky female and full of spirit and enthusiasm. I had a lot of fun photographing her–although I am glad that she was on leash! I look forward to seeing her grow up and mature into a lovely dog.

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We Day Seattle

We Day Seattle will bring together 15,000 young people to celebrate the power of youth to create positive change in their local and global communities. You can’t buy a ticket to We Day – you earn it through service. We Act  is a comprehensive service learning program that supports schools and youth groups in taking tangible action to make a difference in the world. Groups take on one local and one global action and report back to Free The Children to earn their way to We Day. In turn, schools and groups get tools and resources to make their We Act commitments come …

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Jagger in the Grass

Jagger was not impressed by the leash lessons…and decided to take over. Still not sure who was walking who in that last shot!

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The Adventures of Keyla and Her Ball

Keyla was the youngest and littlest and ONLY girl with three older brothers. Is it any wonder that she was the most feisty of them all, was an absolute princess, and did not share her toys very well?

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From A Puppys Perspective 03

From a Puppy’s Perspective

greenBoy week1

The Fab Four

Our first litter in four years was of Carmen to Maxx–and ironically enough, produced four puppies! Jagger (green boy), Zak (orange boy), Roshi (red boy), and Keyla (pink girl). Most people do photoshoots of newborn humans. I do photoshoots of newborn puppies. They aren’t much more cooperative though!

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Calm after the storm

Mother Nature is as breathtaking in her beauty as she is in her fury. This is two days after the storm.

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Ice storm gold 3

Gold Ice

More pictures of the ice storm–this time at night with the front deck light on. Gave some beautiful and unexpected tones and glow.

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Encased in Ice

If you’re a local then you know about the ice storm of 2012 that hit western Washington. It was the weekend of the Puyallup Dog Show, and my friend Donna and I were planning on driving down to Portland for the cluster of 5 shows that following week. The storm was rolling in as we were rolling OUT. These are just from the first day.


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Christmas 2011 - Samoyed Wreath

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

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Inquisitive Neighbors

Living out in the country is always interesting. We have owned our 5 acres for nearly 30 years, and although it has gone through many phases, we are content to have scraped out what we have and ‘donate’ the rest to the wildlife. Still, having four-legged wild critters for neighbors can be fun, especially when it creates opportunity for shots like these.

These are all shot through my living room window with my Nikon D40. The deer were maybe about 40 feet away. Two fawns and a doe hidden in the grass.

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Samoyed Club of America National Specialty 2010

SCS National Specialty in Pidgeon Forge, TN. Also special because I had bought my Nikon the month before, and this was my first big ‘event’.

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On the way to the 2010 National

Despite being in the cramped back seat of a Prius most of the way, the drive to TN was definitely more beautiful than the show site. Photos are from Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

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Dad’s Garden

Being a farm boy, Dad’s idea of a garden was a bit different than most people’s…

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Winter Dec 2009 14

Winter 2009


Flowers in the Spring

These photos are from Spring Quarter at the Art Institute of Portland. I don’t know what kind they are, having no green thumb to speak of, but they were pretty, especially in the sunlight. I think they were in a flower box along someone’s front yard as I was walking home through the Pearl District.

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